Dundas Here We Come!

May 2017, our family purchased a property in Dundas and now over a year later we are actually moving forward with the building of our home.
Our family lived in Aldershot, Burlington for over 14 years and for us Aldershot is home.

Now that we are moving to Dundas, we want to have the same love and feel for Dundas that our family grew to love and feel for our lives I Aldershot.
So join my family and I as we discover Dundas, the people, the history and the town.

Let’s make this an interactive journey, we’d love to hear from you during our journey.

If you are interested in following the journey of our move into Dundas, you can find that here on my mortgage financing blog as I’m a mortgage agent and will be writing about our journey http://askanacruz.ca/category/journey-home-series/

Looking forward to connecting with you all.



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